HF or Not? Part 3

I am spending about an hour on HF most every morning over a cup of coffee. Since the household has changed from the traditional Windows computers to Mac, my old version of HRD is not functional. Thus, I have have changed to MacLoggerDX, a QRZ and QRZCQ subscription. All in for a modest station.

100w into a G5RV has produced QSOs with Burma, Cape Verde and numerous Caribbean Islands. On 6m I have talked to Missouri. And this is when the bands are “dead”. Not bad at all!

So now the morning and late afternoon routine is a cup of coffee, turn on the computer and IC-7000, Cruise the bands for MUF, look at the DX cluster and then surf a little.

Ignoring the dreadful rag-chews the hunt is actually pretty fun. The key is; Can I make this purposeful?


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