2022 – 2 South Dakota Trip 1

A sudden change in plans caused a unplanned trip to South Dakota. This time in the wife’s C300 with no antennas (see Florida Trip) and hardly a magnetic surface. A quick mount of the Florida Trip equipment and off we went – the dog and I.

Ham equipment was again monitoring the usual 146.52 and 446.0 – nothing. Another radio monitored BM TG3100 but due to the endless “testing” and over modulated newbies, not for long. I had a few QSOs with my friend N2KTO on D-Star XLX029, but D-Star is squirrelly when traveling a a good speed switching cell/data towers. Like it or not, it appears DMR has a better recovery protocol than D-Star. But, nevertheless, it was great company on a 24 hour haul – times two to become round-trip.

I am still searching for the next generation road radio. Monitoring GMRS and CB19 AM were quiet. I still think the ham-magic may be talk groups on DMR dedicated to the major interstate numbers could be the future. I would sure hate to throw in the towel and use Zello!