When you get a group of “Amateurs” (hams) together, all ranging from appliance users to engineers, the equipment also comes in all shapes and forms. The ideal would be if we all subjectively build with some standardization in mind. Listed here is the N1ATP “Standard” with an attempt to make my equipment fit in with other’s. Much of my equipment is described under the different projects.

PERSONAL EQUIPMENT The “Standard Equipment” we use is:

  1. VHF/UHF Analog and DMR Radio
  2. APRS from tracker, Android Phone or iPhone
  3. ZELLO Communication via Cell Phone or Computer.
  4. Safety Vest
  5. Amber Vehicle Beacon (optional)
POWER CONNECTORS The power connector of choice is a 30amp Anderson Powerpole. If not within a project, at least as the entry power connector to the project.
AC POWER SOURCE AC POWER SUPPLY – No specific type or model. All multi use with a rating of 20A – 45A. Single purpose supplies as needed for the purpose (usually 10A+). Connectors are all Anderson Powerpole.
PORTABLE POWER SOURCE 12v / 30A/hr +. All batteries with 2 or more Anderson Powerpole for supply and paralleling batteries. On a recent event, the HYT DMR repeater and an I-Gate Pack used 26% of a “2-pack” of these batteries in 6 hours. Goal is to never drop below 50% charge.
APRS I-Gate The standard N1ATP I-Gate pack consists of:

  • WX3in1 TBC
  • Yaesu FT-2600M
  • Power Supply Semlex 1212
  • Antenna used by range from Mag-Mount to base antenna.
  • Pack may be connected via ethernet to local network or PEPWAVE as described here.
APRS TRACKER MOBILE Alinco DR-135 w/ built in TNC
PORTABLE TRACKER Byonics MT-AIO or converted MT-RTG into AIO format + power cable.
LTE ACCESS POINT PEPWAVE MAX BR1 Router with WAN access from Ethernet, WiFi or LTE with auto switchover.
COAX CABLE Long runs – LMR400, Short runs – RG8x for convenience
COAX CONNECTORS Unfortunately, the different brand of equipment uses different connector (N-Connector, PL259, Mini-UHF, BNC). This single standard other than converter to PL259.
ANTENNAs DUAL BAND (and commercial) equivalent to Diamond X50A.
MOBILE ANTENNAs Using NMO Connector. Different antennas for different use.
RADIOS Good Luck!

For event use (ham or commercial):

DMR – TIER II (mostly UHF, but also VHF). Event use – MD380 & MD390 (low cost and easy code plugs). Personal use – XPR4550 mobile and XPR6550 HT due to roaming features on DMR.

ANALOG – HYT TC780 (mostly UHF, but also VHF)




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