DMR Travel Hotel Kit

All digital modes sports a Hot Spot system. I use a Sharkrf OpenSpot as my travel companion. One is installed in the trunk of the car in a project case together with a Pewave LTE Router. I have a second setup for hotel use.

From the right to left you have a Pewave LTE Router. The beauty of this router is that it will connect to the hotel network via Ethernet cable or WiFi. I do prefer wired connection for stability. The fall-back is a LTE/4G cell connection. A second sim allows 2 networks for essentially bulletproof cell coverage. It also allows my other devices (like laptop) to be connected via Ethernet or WiFi.

You can set the priority in the setup-menu and have uninterrupted connection with the internet in any selected priority order. This also enables all my other devices to auto connect to the internet through a familiar SSID (my own) or Ethernet cable. Since the router has a firewall, the security of my devices is also increased. My individual devices are no longer discoverable on the hotel network.

Under the blue OpenSpot is a 6 port USB power supply and charger, This takes care of most all of my USB power needs.

The blue SharkRF OpenSpot is a sweet all-mode digital hotspot. I only use the DMR function together with Brandmeister DMR Network.

My preferred travel radio is a super small Hytera PD362. The benefits are the size and USB charging. What is maybe not as convenient is that it does not allow for a direct keyboard entry of TGs. Thus, i am a limited to the preprogrammed talk-groups I typically use. Carrying a MacBook also amplifies the limitation since I cannot modify the codeplug.

I have considered using a MD380 for the ability of direct entry TG, but due to size and the need for carrying a separate charger stand (total approaching 3x the size of the PD362), i have not yet brought one.