The cool part of DMR APRS is that your position is reported on a discrete TG. Thus you will not hear a kerchunk for data-burst as with other combined voice/aprs systems. It actually works!

Goto wiki.brandmeister.network for programming details.

Programming a Motorola for BRANDMEISTER APRS

There are two parts to make this work:

  1. Program the radio as below
  2. Program Brandmeister.network self service webpage to configure how your DMR Id will be shown on the APRS map.

General Radio Settings

  • GPS: On

Radio Network Settings

  • CAI Network: 12
  • ARS Radio ID: 310999 (this depends on the master server you use)

 Prefered channel settings

  • ARS: On System/Site Change
  • Enhanced GPS: Off
  • Compressed UDP Data Header: Standard DMR
  • GPS Revert: Selected
  • Data Call Confirmed: On
  • CSBK Data: Off

After the radio is set programmed, Brandmeister should be configured next. A great web-page for is found here

I have 2 Motorola XPR type radios running in this configuration. The biggest weakness over traditional APRS is the restriction of how many APRS IDs you have. On analog APRS I have 15 devices. On DMR I have 2 IDs, one dedicated to HTs and one for Mobile, thus giving me 2 symbols.