SSS-2019 Recap

28th Scantic Spring Splash Downriver Race


This comm team is special! Few other ad-hoc teams can adapt like this group of hams. We have over the years gone from big groups, clubs and formal procedures and this year we went with “Tactical Comms” only. Not a lot of formality, but a set of goals to execute. This race has a group of individuals who enjoys the day.

This left the repeater amazingly open for communications. A dry spring allowed for local parking and a simplified busing system as well. APRS tracks moving resources like the buses.

The Bus Coordinator (N1QKO) utilized an iPad w cell-data and coordinated from best efficiency based on the map.

The “just in time” deployment also minimizes the dreadful wait time for each volunteer.

River safety was “self coordinated” by passing information along the river in a tactical format. Other key operators also monitored for safety and DNF  to relay information to Race Admin and to Fire/Rescue via their frequency. Town 911 Dispatch was also monitoring the Ham Repeater and and available direct and via 911.

As a group the organizers simply call us HamComm (I wonder why?!) Amateur Radio Operators joined as Individual Ham Operators or as representatives from Enfield CERT, Vernon CERT or other CERT Teams. 


No specific order:

  • Every Ham Operator – flexible and stepping up to the challenge! W1DRT, K1KEF, KB1QQI, N1TUJ, K1SW, NC7R, KC1INO, N1QKO, KC1WVA, N1EHZ, K1EAK, K1PC and N1ATP
  • Staging with “Just in Time” Reporting – The volunteer arrives, does the event and exits. Little or no sit-time. Makes it a better day.
  • Open Tactical Net – It was an experiment; Operate net with a dozen stations without a designated Net Controller. It worked amazingly well!
  • APRS! – No “where are you” calls. It eliminates 50% radio time.
  • Bus Coordination.
  • X-Band Repeater for Springborn to Start (East) Area.
  • Adaptable Parking Plan.
  • K1KEF used a ham radio for the first time in years!

Needs Improvement:

  • Best Kept Secret, can always use another few hams.
  • Need Ham Pictures, please!

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