IC-2820 Crossband Repeat Function

Icom 2820H Cross-band Repeat Function

The Icom 2820 has an undocumented function known as cross-band repeat. To use it:

  1. Select dual band operation.
  2. Set a VHF frequency, mode and all other desired parameters (i.e. power level and CSS tone) on the right band.
  3. Set a UHF frequency, mode and all other desired parameters on the left band. Note: It could be UHF on the right and VHF on the left but that would make these instructions more complicated.
  4. Simultaneously press in both of the main band dials. While holding them down press the function key (just above the right main band dial). The “lock” icon will flash.

You can only set one band, VHF or UHF, to be in DSTAR mode. For example, if you set the VHF band for DSTAR then the UHF band will be decoded to FM (and vice-versa). If you want to transmit and receive DSTAR then you must set both bands to FM. The signal will be repeated even if it contains DSTAR packets. The same should be true of CSFM and other digital modes.

Example of use:

You need to use an HT but it is too weak to hit the repeater you need. Your car is parked nearby and has a 2820 in it. The repeater is on 2 meters. Tune the repeater on the right band of your 2820h. Select an available 440 MHz simplex frequency on the left band. Tune your HT to the 440MHz frequency. When you transmit on your HT the 2820 will repeat your transmission to the 2 meter repeater. When there is traffic on the 2 meter repeater your 2820 will retransmit it on the UHF frequency on your HT.