Project Antennas

As we are going into winter, all antenna projects are slowly coming to a pre-winter frenzy. I just added a Comet CHA250 vertical on a home made 35′ push-up pole. Kind of scary, leaning a little and will defiantly not survive much wind. Guy wire/ropes will take care of this, but not sure if the esthetics will service the spouse-approval.

The antenna is a 24′ Comet CHA250 on a 35′ telescopic push up pole (40′ of conduit).

A quick radio check on 40m yielded a S7 contact with Richmond, VA with an Icom IC7000 running about 90w. It works!

The wife-approval, not so much. So it is lowered to “standby height” of 13′ of mast. Still need to work on a guy-system with can be quickly installed for the day.

Plan B – time to dig out the old G5RV.