Day-trip to Von Trapp

11/4/18 Day-trip Otis, MA to Stowe, VT

The Plan: Guests in the house and an Edelweiss Tripp to the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT. (Did you see Sound of Music?) A quick day trip(!) – about 4 hours Northbound, a couple of hours singing Edelweiss and other songs from Sound of Music, lunch and then Ben & Jerry’s on the way back South. And of course a beautiful drive along NY-7, VT-7 and VT-100.

The Trip: Loaded up the car after we set the clock back to Standard Time. About 9 hours in the car and 3 hours at the “Sound of Music”.

APRS documented the drive as you see from the left picture. There were some LTE gaps in coverage, specifically along VT-100. If I had connected the RF Transmitter we probably have had 100% coverage from the mountain-top digipeaters?? Probably should have tried to prove the concept of dual path. There is always a next time as guests want to see New England.

Ham Simplex frequencies was scanned throughout the drive. – NO VHF or UHF ACTIVITY HEARD! Wow!!!!

Where is N1ATP now?


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