** Under Construction **

Over time I will review some of my radios and how i use them on these pages.

Before I get into it, let’s understand that I use radios on both Amateur and Commercial frequencies. This may be in conjunction with my own Amateur Radio, GMRS and Commercial (Part 90) licenses. Commonly I also use radios in conjunction with town licensed services as well. Therefore, I do have a tendency to lean towards “Part 90” radios.

Anymore, between complexity of memory management, DMR features etc, the radios are commonly programed with a computer, thus commercial radios are as usable as anything for ham radio use. How many hams can really do ad-hoc FPP (front panel programing) anymore?

These reviews will not be technical, but more from a practical user standpoint. They will be very subjective and centered around how well (or not) they work for me. Cost vs function is high up on the list. You may have another opinion based on your knowledge and experience. Awesome!

For now, I have added (mostly empty) pages as a reminder. The order is incidental. Check back as radios are added.