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Annual SAG Operation for Josh Billings Tri

Annually, in September, I organize the SAG Ops for JoshBillings.com triathlon in the Berkshires. This is a nearly 50 year old Berkshires tradition with all levels of athletes and locals conquering the event as Iron or Team. The SAG Ops is there for emergencies, repair and support on the 30 mile country road race. Numerous towns, police departments, fire departments and locals are helping out. Fact is that most of the course is still not monitored and the racers are dependent on the Roaming SAG Ops and a cell phone to report problems. The SAG Ops, although a mix of ham and non-hams, is always looking to expand its services and efficiencies. This year, on request from the police, the team will also support the Tri’s 5 mile run. This SAG team will “roll up their sleeves” and go well beyond traditional ham-ops into race event tasks as needed representing the race committee. This year we are adding Slack for group texting, APRS for key vehicles (no digi’s or I-Gates on the course) and the additional course duties. The team now has a total of 7 vehicles, all with identifying signage and strobes, up from the 3 we started with. Constant progress and thinking outside the box! For APRS view on September 18 early morning www.jbsag.com

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