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What is Event Communications?

“Information shared between two or more locations.”

Sounds simple and it it can be. As technology has evolved we have seen competition from newer technologies. The question to be asked is how efficient is the “new” technology compared to what we can combine with “our stuff”?

We can all understand that a cellphone can easily connect two people and transfer information. Most events have more than two people needing the same information. It is kind of like only being able to send an email to one person at the time, not to a group and allow the group to reply-all. It is all about efficiency. Or maybe like this, is it a team of individuals or a synchronized team of many?

Event communications should not be limited to one kind of technology, but to have all types of communication in the toolbox. The key, however, is for the comm-director of the event to simplify the layers of communication tools while maximizing the effect of the communicated information. Still today, most every police department is dispatching on a common channel so that many assets can receive at the same time. The supervisors can effectively formulate plans based on the information flowing by simply monitoring, then guide.

This is what Event Communication is all about;

  • Fixed Location Communication – two or more locations needing a steady stream of dedicated information.
  • Random Communications – all the random information which flows in any event.
  • Event Coordination – communication to synchronize the flow of the event.
  • One Person Communicate to Many Listeners. Kind of like an email with many CC’ed.

The mode of communications should be tailored to the need. Why overload one common channel when there are unlimited possibilities available? A well designed system will separate the above to free everyone’s attention to their main task, not be distracted or frustrated by a lot of non-pertinent information. Combining technologies (voice, data etc) provides for more bandwidth, and thus us reducing potential overload or confusion.

The “modern ham” uses all technologies for communication, not one!

I do numerous events every year where we organize the communications. However, I do not stop at ham-radio, but utilize all communication tools available including;

  • Amateur / Ham Radio
  • Commercial Radio
  • Cell PTT Communications
  • Event Specific cross platform texting

On this website there are a few events I am Comm Coordinator (however, participating in many more).