Portable OpenSpot 4 Pro

HotSpot are a great tool!

As an owner of repeaters and HotSpots I find them incredibly versatile and useful. My stable of HotSpots are in general based on the SharkRF Openspot 1 because of the ROM based firmware and ethernet connection. The OpenSpot 1 is simply a bullet-proof workhorse!

During the 2022 Black Friday Sale and with a favorable exchange rate, 4 Pro became affordable and one unit was purchased. The idea of simply turning it on,  connect it to the cellphone and slip the unit into your pocket is actually simply wonderful. I never bought the OS2, 3 etc and waited until it was a mature OS4 Pro. This one is amazing!

My portable OS1 DMR operation has always been at home or from the car. Now a new potential opens up to true portable operation.

To date, I have not yet tried the cross-mode capabilities. but that comes next and this will be updated accordingly.