A new event project requiring tracking of the Josh Billings SAG team (up to 6 vehicles) without area Digi-peaters but by porting all the APRS information into APRS-IS (internet) through numerous mobile I-Gates.

A standalone tracker was I required to be placed in hospital security vehicle to be the Tail End of the raceĀ and signal to multiple town’s police departments to open intersections to normal traffic flow.

The kit was placed in a protected case (Harbor Freight Apache 3800) and consists of:

    1. 12v LifePoe4 battery – box shown has 12 a/hr and 2nd box has 16 a/hr. Field testing has shown battery life well in excess of 12 hours.
  1. Peplink PepMax BR1 cellular router described other places on this website.
  2. Microsat WX3in1 TNC/Tracker
  3. a Receive Only HT on 144.389 for APRS I-Gate allowing nearby RF trackers to I-Gate from this kit.
  4. Optional SharkRF Openspot 1 with 5v battery pack for use when a Ham Operator is located in the vehicle.
  5. Switching logic for Main Power (cigarette lighter) or onboard battery.


A second unit was designed with all of the above features, but to be placed in the Bike-Repair Truck. Additionally, this kit has a Motorola XPR4550 (UHF) or XPR4350 (VHF) for communication of commercially licensed race frequencies (we struggle with enough ham operators as so many other events).

Primary power for this unit is cigarettes lighter (50w DM takes about 6a), but also with auto switching to a LifePoe4 Battery.




Additionally, N1ATP’s vehicle sports the electronics and also functions as an I-Gate. Although we span 15 in distributed distance, the key vehicles report position by LTE/Cell and the secondary vehicles report their positions by RF and is I-Gated by area Digital/I-Gates or by the 3 SAG Team equipped units.