10 years ago I bought a mini G5RV and a full sized G5RV. The mini has been hanging in the trees as an eye-sore for a few years. Not ideal. So as a part of the Fall project the full sized G5RV is coming up.

3 short evenings after work was set aside for some work:

  • Evening 1 – rope tied to a hatched to throw over a branch. Need it up about 40′ for the vertical to cleat the ground. Not a Paul Bunyan, but got it up a 40′ tree in the hill side. Worth an experiment! Then dark and rain.
  • Evening 2 – Horizontal wire North tied to a tree with a orange rope. South wire tied to a orange rope and Bunyaned over a tree-branch. Orange rope is my guy-ropes for the event mast. Not good for the wife-approval. Chance of discovery is high!
  • Evening 3 – Solder coax. A 25′ RG8x comes out of the basement shack to the wall. It joins up with factory installed coax from the balun.


It actually works. How well I don’t know, but I have had contacts with Africa, Asia, Caribbean Islands and numerous US stations.

Next – replaces orange temporary ropes with black rope. This will pretty much make it disappear. Wife approval is high compared to the vertical. So far it seems like 80-6m (except 30m) is functioning.

Future – if I can get a launcher, the antenna may move to a taller tree.