SD 2018 – Rush Trip

June 12 through June 17, 2018

I was monitoring:

  • Brandmeister TG 3100 most of the time (unless it get’s too busy).
  • If too busy, I was monitoring TG 312525.
  • APRS VOICE-ALERT – 144.390 w/ PL100 (then qsy)
  • Also 146.52 and 446.1 simplex.


I just got a new car so the antenna installations were mag-mounts. This car does not lend itself to an antenna farm, so “discrete” as the word of the day. Like my friend said when I drilled a hole in the Mercedes (now wife’s car) trunk for a NMO mount – “That’s just messed up!” So 3 mag mounts with duplexers would do for the trip.

  • APRS was supplied by an Alinco DR-135 with built-in Argentdata TNC into an Austin dual band short antenna.
  • Mobile APRS I-Gate was run by a Microsat WX3in1 and an old Alinco HT as receiver.
  • Analog voice was with a Yaesu FT-8900 for VHF/UHF into an Austin dual band antenna.
  • DMR was from a SharkRF Openspot hotspot in the car. The HT was a Hytera PD362 due to size. A trusty Moto XPR6550 and MD390 was in the car somewhere available.
  • Data Network was supplied and coordinated through a Pepwave Pepmax BR1 with dual auto-switch sim (Verizon & AT&T) data service. This data network was also supplying Internet to iPad(s) and Laptop(s).
  • HF and DMR mobiles was not be a part of this trip since I did not have enough time for installations in the new car. However, since the best traffic/road condition reports still are via CB, a basic CB for ch 19 was laying on the seat.
  • Power Network is probably the only area which I had time to complete. It originates off the Mercedes GLK350 standby battery (car has 2 batteries) through a automatic power sensor. Power was supposed to be available when the alternator is running until 15 minutes after the engine stops. However, I learned the aux battery charger drops the voltage as the charge level comes up and the 15 minute timer would drop the power randomly. I had to run the system in override. The 12Vdc distribution is through a fused PowerPole distribution panel. A power cable runs to the center console with a second smaller PowerPole distribution block. This allows any radio to be conveniently plugged in and removed.