I am not sure if there is a right and a wrong. However, if you are using a XPR4550, XPR6550 or similar XPR series MotoTrbo radio there is a cool way to reuse the same repeaters in numerous ROAM lists. Here is what I did:

Step 1:

The XPR Radios have a “Channel Pool” which is not limited by the typical 16 channel zone. I added all the 30+ repeaters in the network and organized them in a way I could find and logically add them in multiple ROAMING Lists according to the main roads in the area or any other form for identification.

Step 2:

Create a Roam List. Select repeaters in the Channel Pool.

Step 3:

Create a ZONE and one channel for each roaming combination as you need. This channel can have the details of one of the channels or you can point it nowhere useful. After a unsuccessful login attempt (IP Site Connect) the radio will start searching the roam list and look for a usable channel with a signal strength better than -108db (or whatever you set).

When roaming in a major network where repeaters may be re-used in numerous roam lists I think you will find that what used to be entire zones now becomes channels. Thus you don’t need to change Zones (multiple key pushes), but simply go channel up or down.

Now, If I can figure out how to select channel by GPS location the entire process becomes automated……..