DMR Roaming

There are 3 DMR Roaming systems of which only two are currently functional:

  • Motorola Roam
  • Hytera Roam
  • Brandmeister Roam (not yet functional)

The idea is that as you travel from one repeater’s coverage to another, much like cellphones do, the HT or Mobile radio will automatically change to the new repeater frequency and maintain the same Talk Group. N1ATPP repeaters are Motorola and the system is really cool. By programming a Motorola HT or Mobile by Talk Group and a roam list the radio switches frequencies accordingly to maintain the talk group. Knut uses this method as he travels between his two repeater’s coverage.

In Connecticut, a statewide ARES system has been implemented with this capability. In theory, a user can simply turn on his Motorola radio and select a Talk Group and the radio will automatically figure out which repeater to use.