2022 – 3 South Dakota Trip 2

Next is a September trip to SD with a utility trailer to bring back to NE some of the homestead’s memorabilia. 1600 miles x 2 with trailer. The bad news; pain and expensive. The good news; It is relaxing since we will have to go more the flow of traffic rather being the pace car.

Ham Radio wise, we will have:

  • APRS (always!). Our kids track our travel.
  • DMR on a hotspot with the normal “home” TGs. I think the default will be 31252 Berkshires.
  • 146.52 simplex (always optimistic)
  • 446.0 simplex (always optimistic)
  • Scan GMRS high power channels in simplex in search for the magic road channel.
  • CB19 AM because when the traffic stops it has never failed us in providing information.
  • Waze Crowd Source mapping. It is better than any of the above!
  • Multiple internet devices for road information and entertainment.

What’s missing? HF – I can’t put that big stick on my car. It already looks like a VHF/UHF porcupine. Then again, with the wife onboard the HF noise would not be tolerated!