TYT MD380 / MD390

The DMR revolution started with the MD380!

It was not the first DMR radio, but it was the radio which due to price and bootleg features became the average man’s DMR radio. I have several! Later the MD390 became available as a more robust version of the same radio.

I bought the TYT MD380 & MD390 because:

  • The Price!
  • Features – especially with cracked firmware which allowed large contact lists and FPP features.
  • Great sound
  • Best radio for the $$ (<$100)

Here is what I like:

  • See above – simple as that!
  • Free CPS
  • MD390 feels better in my hand than the MD380

Here is what i don’t like:

  • Really nothing bad to say about the radio. For the money it is great.
  • Slow charger
  • Is it Part 90 or not?
  • No MAC CPS


It has the typical Chinese radio programming software. Nothing fancy, but functional. Again for the $$, what do you expect.


This is probably the best radio for the cost. Due to the cost, it is my loaner radio. I have equipped entire events with DMR radios by using a fleet of used MD380’s. Not a huge issue if it is lost or breaks, all due to the low cost. Great way to get your feet wet in DMR to see if you like the mode!