Motorola XPR4550

Early on in the DMR part of the hobby we had to buy used commercial equipment. There were no TYTs or Anytones. The “affordable” mobile was a well used XPR4550. From a performance and also feature standpoint, it is one of my favorites.

I bought the XPR4550 because:

  • During the early days of DMR, it was the cheapest (and well used) mobile radio I could find.

Here is what I like:

  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Part 90
  • DMR Roaming
  • 1000 channels
  • GPS
  • It simply just Works!
  • Plenty of fancy features I am not yet using

Here is what i don’t like:

  • Price
  • Single Band
  • Not enough memory for Contacts
  • Expensive CPS
  • No MAC CPS


All programming takes place through the typical Motorola computer program we have seen for so many of the DMR radios. The Moto CPS has many more features in copy and paste etc between Moto radios. Software works well, although maybe not as simple as most ham programs.


The XPR4550 is one of my favorite radios. I will always be on the lookout for more as long as the price is right. It is “bullet proof” performer. I love the roaming feature when traveling in DMR saturated areas with consistent repeaters like Connecticut. Being able to travel and auto switch repeaters is amazing! I just wish it was dual band.