Spring Splash

Ham Radio and the Splash 2

K1ENF is the old police channel 1 antenna with a 70w Motorola MSF5000. It is located at the Enfield recycling station on a nice tower. Average height above terrain is good, but as a PD radio system still needed numerous voting receive sites to cover the town. These are no longer connected.

As a part of the Splash I am trying to find an acceptable location to add a temporary 25w repeater (analog or DMR) which will either cover the river (put race and safety on this repeater) or the entire busing route for bus-logistics (more challenging).

Areas with weak coverage from K1ENF:

  • Bailey Rd (unacceptable)
  • Katie Ln (unacceptable)
  • Start (doable)

Test 1 – DMR repeater located on the west end of Bailey Rd:

Coverage from Springborn/Staging towards start is better than K1ENF. Unacceptable Areas from a HT:

  • Start area
  • Fermi
  • Finish

Back to the drawing board.

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