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Ham Radio and the Splash 6

So what are really the Communications Goals for this event?

Here are the objectives in order of priority:

  • Bus Coordination
  • Racer Tracking (DNF reports)
  • General Race Coordination
  • Start to HQ Timing Info
  • Novice Finish Timing Info
  • Car Parking Coordination

This could easily be 5 Nets (we used to have 4). One local repeater (K1ENF or Soapstone before that), simplex nets and inter-mod make these goals a challenge at HQ. It is also man-power intensive.

For a few years we have been operating with one net (K1ENF). Bus coordination has taken more and more talk time as we have gone from 1 to 2 busses.

This year the goal is to give Bus Coordination its own net. However, the bus also travels to the far corners of the venue. Combine this with that the river is in the Scantic “canyon” where numerous repeaters and locations can’t make it down in the gorge.

Ideally we would use VHF for the forgiving capabilities as compared to UHF, but the equipment is not available.

Available equipment:

  • 1 Linkable UHF DMR repeaters on AC w/ 15′ mast & antenna.
  • 1 Linkable UHF DMR repeaters on DC w/ 15′ mast & antenna.
  • 12 UHF DMR HTs
  • 6 UHF Analog Biz-band
  • 3 Cross-band Ham Repeaters (mobiles)
  • 2 APRS I-Gates
  • 3 APRS Trackers

The key is viable repeater location which preferably are staffed. Not easy to find!

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