Traveling w/ DMR

Everyone knows I am a DMR freak. Traveling with DMR is great. My hotel kit (picture on this website) includes a SharkRF HotSpot 1 and a HYT PD362 mini DMR radio. This functions as a tie in to my normalcy by giving me access to the usual TGs. Awesome!

Actually, I wish I could find a couple of used OpenSpots at a reasonable price to further complete my DMR world. Last one I bought was from SharkRF when they had the big Easter Sale a while back. The Openspot 2 does not perk  much interest since the “1” fits my bill perfectly with an Ethernet port.

The HYT is a great tiny radio with awesome sound quality. My only dismay is that I travel with a MacBook and I do not have any CPS software which works on the Mac. At home I have the industrial Toughbook for radio programming, but it is way to high and heavy for airline travel.

So here comes the limitations of the mini-sized go kit; I cannot reprogram the radio in my hotel room! Right now I am in Anchorage, AK and unable to switch over to local ham activity. Too bad. The search for the Swiss Army Knife of comm tools continues. My requirement is to be able to program the radio with my Mac!

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