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Josh Billings Triathlon 2018

Previous years I have been the Race Director Shadow, tagging along (driving) the Race Director pre and post race from Start to Paddling to Finish.

2018 brings a new assignment of Sag 2 with a primary mission of radio relay in the part of the bike course where the primary repeater will not cover. I will be stationed so Simplex will be used from Sag 1 to me (Sag 2) and then I can relay to Net via the primary repeater. When Sag 1 catches up to my location we will tag team Sag duties.

Thus, the car (SUV) will have triple radios:

  • Primary – 2m 50w to Greylock
  • Secondary – 2m 50 Simplex to Sag 1
  • Tertiary – UHF BizBand to sag bike transporter which will follow me.
  • Secondary Radio will convert to crossband repeater so a UHF HT can reach the 2m Repeater.

Vehicle will also have:

  • LTE Internet with APRS. There is no RF APRS digi coverage in the area. My vehicle will also function as a RF to IS i-Gate, however not as planned infrastructure.
  • Magnetic Door Plates for Identification.
  • Amber Strobe on roof.


Every year there has been some struggle with police and road access. Let see it this year’s identification will help.

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