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Ham Radio and the Splash 3

Options for 2nd Talk Channel:

Ideally on DMR which would provide 2 more talk channels with one repeater system. Maybe this is not realistic due to being on UHF.

We can always use cross-band repeaters strategically located around the course.

Option 1: – K1ENF is used for transportation and wide area coverage. A X-Band repeater will be needed at the new Novice Finish. This is easily achievable from K1KEF QTH. Race Safety would be on a VHF simplex system.

Option 2: – K1ENF is used for Race Safety with a added X-Band at K1KEF for better coverage along Bailey Rd / new Novice Finish. Transportation would move to the temporary system.

Temporary System:

Option 1: – 2 linked DMR repeaters located as depicted on race map.

Option 2: – 2 X-Band Repeaters located on Edgehill Rd and Staging/Katie Ln. The alternative to this location is at the east end of Bailey road.

Option 3: – Do we know someone who lives up in the hill by JMH overlooking the race course for a remote repeater?


K1ENF – the trusty Enfield Repeater donated from town surplus when the narrowband project took place.

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