Brandmeister TG 3100 – OMG!

Since I have been in a hotel room for 10 days, I have had a lot of time to monitor TD3100. What is happening here?

This has become the testing TG, the longwinded rag chew TG, the …….

Unfortunately we do not have a calling TG (although I attempted to get the server folks to create one) the we can connect and move to a TAC TG. Other countries, and for that sake DMR-MARC, is frowning on conversations on the main TG beyond establishing a contact and give a short message or QSY to a TAC TG. The fact is that there are “hundreds” monitoring TG, and more who have become so disgusted with the rag-chew on 3100 and that we don’t use it as a “calling TG”. What a shame!

How can we get a calling TG or change 3100 to become a call and QSY TG?

How can we encourage testing to take place with the PARROT? This is a super powerful tool and wonderful for testing “How can you hear me now” chat.

TG3100 has become next to useless!

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